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Based on a true story. (Except for the fact that Kryy is bold.)

100 undeserved followers

2017-02-04 16:25:54 by DaskerKS

I finally got 100 fans!, and I haven't been even 1 year here, but here you are guys! Thank you for pressing that follow button!

Here you have my gift: "Screenshot for my movie coming Madness Day 2017"


PD: Also, support @spotsxd, who is someone that in my opinion needs more fans for the work that he does ;)

thinking about my actual life situation.

2017-02-01 15:47:51 by DaskerKS

So, I know I've been inactive here for a while just posting useless posts again but, you know, I got inside some projects like Kenamy's collab.

Well, the main reason of this post is, that I feel sad, and not unmotivated, I repeat, sad.

And I don't really know why, but I think is not for being a retarded teenager, I think it's because I don't see good what I'm doing now:

  • I'm being mean. Yea boys, in real life I'm an antisocial faggot. This doesn't mean I don't have "friends", but the problem is mine, not other people's, the thing is that I don't want to know new people if it's not being in discord or newgrounds. In real life I don't really want to talk with many people, and my behavior is being more sarcastic and mean, and that is making me to lose some friends and not stupid school partners. And somehow I try to stop insulting other people and verbally hurting them, but somehow I can't. ;(
  • Animating is not a challenge for me anymore. At the beggining it was funny to know new things about animation and other shit. But now, I can animate anything that I want with some madness sprites. (Of course I'm not saying that I'm an expert.)
  • No ideas for drawings. Ye, no ideas, I totally ran out of ideas for drawing, and I'm not like that guys who wants to make only fanart because they don't have more to do.
  • I did a ton of shit in the past, and I haven't changed really much. I was really getting into trouble almost everytime, and I'm still a bad person. Here you have some examples: I called a girl fat and I never apologized, and I threw another girl on the floor, but in a really bad way, just for putting me upset.(This was like 4 to 6 years ago.)
  • I feel lonely. I don't really play videogames with my friends now, and as I said before, I'm losing some of them.

I don't know guys, just tell me what you think. I'll keep animating for this year, but this time I don't really know if I'll feel ok with my life while doing it.

This post is just for you guys know me more than you can see only in newgrounds, and somehow I gotta tell someone about this.

Stay awesome.

PD: I also did a joke recently, here you have.


western boii

2017-01-12 17:54:56 by DaskerKS


I know it's not different of what I promised some days ago, but I wanted to test some sprites and western sound.

Most of the things you see here are made by @Jackson-Siegel.

something I made

2017-01-10 14:39:02 by DaskerKS

I know it's bad... lol

Character by @Kenamy

(Pretty smart DaKedar comments Kenamy hanges himself, xd http://dakedar.newgrounds.com/news/post/977905)


2017-01-08 18:16:04 by DaskerKS




2017-01-07 18:56:54 by DaskerKS

I hope you enjoy the movie so much!

Here you have some bloopers:

  1. This is from my 3rd part, the original by me, Eshio changed it to zombies in the collab, but this is with no editing.
  2. Lost FLA. (Warning: Contains so much YouTube Drama, I think you'll get it when you see, or not.)

The last votation I made gave result with YES, START ANIMATING NOW, I think I'm going to start with some tests, just for you to know that I'm animating, anyways, I got some support that could help me now, for that people who think I should still having a break, I will not take so seriusly to animate this month, just what I want and when I want, just for doing something and maybe having some ideas at the same time.

I also want to thank some people for doing something while I was having my career:

Love you guys so much! <3

Bye my duuudes! :D

eyy(Maybe the end of this series of posts)

2017-01-07 13:14:32 by DaskerKS

It's your desition now guys.

Well, bye for now I guess... loool

(Don't think I get offended or sad for the results, is that I don't even care right now.)

eyy(Part 2)

2017-01-03 12:39:31 by DaskerKS

Hey, remember my last post?... So, I wanted to tell you something guys... Apart from that break, I want to tell that I feel very unmotivated, and I don't know what to do...

I really want to animate, but everytime I try to do some animation, I keep seeing the same shit; I see people like DudingDarn, Kenamii, ATP505 and other people making funny and original animations, but I see myself, and I don't see anything surprising, just... expected action.

And I don't know if this break will help me to have better ideas, because you'll see some proyects coming out soon, but, I want you to know, that I'm not glad with anything that will be there... I think all the things I made for those proyects will be bullshit. 

I feel really bad right now, and I don't know if time will motivate me again, hope you understand...

Also don't judge me because I'm not leaving Madness.

Don't forget to join the Green Pepper Discord!

Where I am more active for chat.



2016-12-30 09:45:19 by DaskerKS

So, I ended my proyects for this month (4), and I want to make a 1 entire month break. I'm not probably going to post anything in this time. When some proyects come out, I will give you some deleted scenes, but nothing more than that.

No collab joining (If it's big I'll join.), no tests, no Solo Animations...(don't expect this after one year in newgrounds for me.)

I'm not leaving Madness Community of course... But I'm really tired, I don't play frequently games since the beggining of November.

Maybe you'll see some gaming livestreams, but it's not really possible at the moment.

Anyways, thank you all for being there and follow me, we hit 78 fans in only a year. ;). Bye