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2 days dead.

2016-09-07 17:44:01 by DaskerKS

Well, this weekend I'm going to my short second vacation. Yay! 2 days without me online! I'm sure you'll be happy. :D


2016-09-04 19:19:50 by DaskerKS

Thanks @madyellow for this awesome arts!

5827757_147303094863_ScreenShot2016-09-05at5.12.40AM.png 5827757_147303099793_ScreenShot2016-09-05at6.10.19AM.png 5827757_147303103631_ScreenShot2016-09-05at6.14.51AM.png 5827757_147303110272_ScreenShot2016-09-05at6.20.23AM.png

Well, that last one is weird... But I love it! Thanks dude!

Also, the character looks so gay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2016-09-04 14:32:06 by DaskerKS


Timelapse #5

2016-09-01 09:16:51 by DaskerKS


  • Music by Cryono77
  • Sprites by Delamortes
  • Result


Here's another test ( Character inspired in @oWnOmega , expressions by @AwezNG ) *no sounds, i'm lazy*


Back to home. Back to routine.

2016-08-31 12:32:03 by DaskerKS

Hi guys. I'm back to my home, and there are 16 or 15 days left to go back to high school (F*CK). So I just want to warn you that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE I won't be making so much animation. (why? because in Spain gives us a lot of unnecessary homework. And is not the topic of the kid that doesn't want to study, here is really fucked up)

HB Grumpy666

2016-08-28 12:44:31 by DaskerKS

Everybody type in the chat Cr1kso is a stupid n...

I bought a Tiny Tracer from Overwatch. 


Well, this is a random post. See ya guys.

New Sword Test

2016-08-11 12:12:52 by DaskerKS

I'm gay

Sprites by Delamortes

Mag-7 test

2016-08-08 11:27:09 by DaskerKS


Gun by: Eshio.

Hands by: Delamortes.

60fps test

2016-07-31 12:45:50 by DaskerKS


Sprites by Djjaner and Sunshaft