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Video stealing

2016-07-18 13:05:36 by DaskerKS

One guy stealed my video in daily motion. Please report it if you can

4th Timelapse

2016-07-17 13:46:21 by DaskerKS

Enjoy the video. ;)

Also check my sprites


2016-07-12 15:35:53 by DaskerKS

CLICK HERE to obtain the sprites I made for you! The votation was positive so I decided to publish it.

  • EDIT 1: @Kelzad 's charecter added.
  • EDIT 2: @Gibb50 's charecter added and ParadigMadness dudes (by Alpha-Nuva)
  • EDIT 3: .SWF version for Flash 8

EDIT 4/8/17: Omg, now that I realize, the sprites are a bit shit... xd

New test

2016-07-11 16:48:38 by DaskerKS

Man, I was a lot of weeks without submit a test.

Also visit this if you want I make my own sprites.


New twitter account

2016-07-10 14:30:22 by DaskerKS

Let's see if this time I use it for something

New page image

2016-07-09 16:30:29 by DaskerKS

Thanks @T3xno for this incredible drawing! :D

Finally confirmed

2016-06-30 19:30:56 by DaskerKS


@Atp505 is 6 years old.

What? Did you think that he was a pedo?

What happens with B. Test Collab?

2016-06-24 11:06:06 by DaskerKS

Okay. The limit date is near... and I don't have many clips yet. Let's do a recount:

​The limit date is near. And I'm worrying more everyday. Bye

My comment to a supposed feminist video.

2016-06-24 10:00:44 by DaskerKS

Hello bananas. I just wanted to share this. Because I see more recently more radical feminists in the internet. And my High School class call me a male chauvinist.

https://youtu.be/XT14NPb7T1U?t=2m16s (Part of the video I review in my comment)

My comment:


Just my opinion. Call me a male chauvinist in the comments if you want.

M. Extermination Collab 4 DELETED ON YT?

2016-06-23 07:05:57 by DaskerKS

Why? ;( (If you watch the video I posted in my older post you'll see)