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Another animation stealer

2016-06-21 14:42:52 by DaskerKS


Original clip: https://youtu.be/aGIrM_BDcXE?t=1m40s

Stolen clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN4HYfvn3CQ (FINALLY DELETED! :D)

Screenshots: (1st by Deron, 2nd by me)


And then he deletes all comments


Another man searching popularity without hard job.

New Test and Timelapse

2016-06-19 15:48:46 by DaskerKS

Timelapse: https://youtu.be/_eVDP9hhBsk (sorry, the video is a bit long for be a timelapse)

Result: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/025846009e91fe3caeda4f50456e1d7b

Does someone else shame on football fans?

2016-06-17 10:49:49 by DaskerKS

This is a useless post, but I need to give my opinion:

Recently, in Europe... started a huge football competition. And obviously there is a lot of fans for a concrete team. And now the teams who are going to play are Turkey and Spain. So today I turned on the TV, and I saw people fighting... Spanish people showing signs searching fighting with Turkish people. Turkish people saying: "Paris, welcome to the hell" or f*cking holding MACHETES intimidating. A huge facepalm to all these people... please. We can say to this people that f*ck off.

PD: I don't like football T_T


PD 2: -Isn't it soccer?

         -Shut the f*ck up

Cethic is satan

2016-06-10 10:51:43 by DaskerKS

@Cethic has 666 fans D:!!!!!   5827757_146557025413_pep.png

Pika is searching for members

2016-06-07 10:40:43 by DaskerKS


@PikaLight and @SM28 are searching members for RW Clan.

You'll lose the oportunity!


Very cool test

2016-06-05 17:51:15 by DaskerKS


Sprites by Delamortes

Livestreaming or Timelapse

2016-06-04 08:34:51 by DaskerKS

@spotsxd said that i have to make a new room for the thing we're preparing... Maybe tomorrow I will do a Livestream or I will prepare a Timelapse aproaching this thing.

What do you prefer? Timelapse or Livestream?

Reloading Test

2016-06-01 11:32:34 by DaskerKS


Sprites by DudingDarn

Little livestream now!

2016-05-30 11:04:14 by DaskerKS

https://picarto.tv/DaskerKS ( over )


2016-05-29 17:16:17 by DaskerKS

Recently I made some livestream tests here https://picarto.tv/DaskerKS ... It works perfectly... Soon I will notice you if I make one. See you soon..

so many lines :333