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DaskerKS's News

Posted by DaskerKS - May 31st, 2019

hello guys, I haven't written anything in months, just wanted to give you a little update.

I will soon finish the last collaboration clip I will ever do. This means that I'm maybe retiring forever from animating madness. It always might seem like lazyness is the reason, which it is, but not entirely.

This year hasn't been the easiest in school work. That often causes me to want to play more games as I have time to have breaks. The more I had to work this year, the less motivation I had for animating, everything felt less productive and boring. Animating for me has begun to be unrewarding, it almost feels like torture to stay animating, as I know that my clips won't get original at all from this point.

Whoever reads this, I motivate you to follow other animators (and artists) that are doing a much more awesome work than me in the madness community.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank some people:

Jackson-Siegel, SentryTurbo, Krypa, Cymbourine, SaudX, NarrowedBlits, kRyy, Dankon, sm28, madnesia19, , cethic, gibb50, kelzad, Zmatrix, Swffr, Madproduction, Jsoull, Zapchon, Spots, Luca, p3m, OmenaKettu, moxo, Smartmonkeypo, madyellow (also known as Daundice now), papa bless, ArmiCz, Djjaner, Johnypixel, remaining members of MadCzech, Eshio, chimbro... and some others,

that made my stay in the community such a fun ride. Even though I'm not gone or anything, I still thank you.


Posted by DaskerKS - February 6th, 2019


Posted by DaskerKS - February 3rd, 2019

Today I'm doing a podcast session with Jackson Siegel, Zapchon, Jsoull and SentryTurbo as a guest with kRyy. Stay tuned for the next submission IN THE MADLADS PODCAST YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Also, here's a preview animation kRyy did:


(btw me and kRyy aren't against each other, we're both going in for the same purpose)

I'll see you absolute madlads soon.


Posted by DaskerKS - January 15th, 2019

Thank you. You guys made me install adblock, I hope you're happy.



Art by Cymbourine

Fix your shitty website.


Posted by DaskerKS - November 23rd, 2018

sorry guys, I'm enjoying battlefield v too much


Posted by DaskerKS - November 14th, 2018


i'm trying to work on some stuff. I feel kinda unmotivated since I always try to focus on my life, but my issues are far from over.


anyway, happy birthday to me, and thank you.

see you soon guys


Posted by DaskerKS - October 22nd, 2018

yeah, it won't be that different, gotta advice an admin or something.

btw, thanks for 200+ fans, fuckn love you guys.

Posted by DaskerKS - September 29th, 2018

Hello everyone, today It's a different topic we're going to discuss in this post. So, when I was 11, 11 years old, I turned on my phone, and opened www.newgrounds.com, and soon realized, that this artist called Djjaner posted what was called "Madness Giftination", I saw the whole movie, and I really enjoyed it, but there was something wrong in my head, something about this big collaboration wasn't right. So I decided to rewatch the whole thing again, and I found 3 pieces of the movie which were really creepy for me. The artist you ask?

ZΛPCH♢N (汚ーイ)


To this day, I still think this is the best artist I've found on newgrounds, because he just reproduces perfection in all his clips, but just in this movies. When I watched other clips of Zapchon, these were empty, and I didn't feel what I felt while watching Madness Giftination.

I will analyze these 3 clips, so I can show you, how perfect these clips are:



In the first clip of his, you have this regular man, standing, at the left side of the screen, his name? we don't know, but something will happen, in his life, that will change him forever. Suddenly, a text appears at the top of the screen, it says, "Animation powers activate!". At this moment, we can see how the animator, Zapchon, makes clear, that he animated this, he broke the 4th wall, and we almost didn't notice. Zapchon, as a god of this regular guy on the screen, decides to torture him with his great powers, and the guy's head, starts to increase it's size. Then, it stops, and the guy just goes to the floor, because his head is too heavy. Maybe his head wasn't increasing it's size, but maybe, the animator was filling this guy's brain with a lot of knowledge, that's why, his head starts to get bigger.

But his head, full of phylosofical questions and answers, such as, where do we come from?, where does this universe come from? Am I real?... And then, his head is too heavy, he falls off to the floor, and he says the following: "shit...". My theory is that, when he knows every answer to every question, he just doesn't really mind about his whole existence, because he realized that he's just a bunch of sprites put into a software. He was just part of a software, and whatever he would suffer, he did know that it wouldn't be painful. So there he goes, he's just in the floor, knowing that he can't stand up, knowing that he will be hungry after hours, but he doesn't even try, he wants to die in the middle of that gray frame, that his own god created for him.



So now, in this frame, we can see a new character. He wears a suit and a pair of red glasses. He is like the previous guy, looking at the gray horizon, but he is not aware of his objective in life. His suit would say to us that he has a job, but what is his job? Just standing in the middle of the frame? "SOME ACTION MUST HAPPEN, THIS JOB SHOULD BE MORE ENTERTAINING". Zapchon, the animator, decides to listen to his words, and then, his answer, would be more punishing than entertaining to the guy. A creature appears, he looks like a trollface, but he's not really a trollface, that's just one of his many representations, that's how the people in the internet would see this creature, but in Zapchon's eyes, there's something totally different, I, myself, don't know the looking of this creature in it's true form, but still, we can see him with the trollface.

So the guy with the suit, says the following: "WTF". This is an acronym, he could be saying many different things, such as: "Wow, That's Fun!", or "What the fuck?". We don't know if the creature is beautiful for the man, or something weird or disgusting. But we know one thing, that the guy doesn't know. The creature will perform one of his most powerful attacks with the guy as a target. The trollface starts to go down, and then, he attacks. The guy is pushed away at a speed of 30km/h, and then you can hear destruction noises, refering that the guy we just saw doing his job, died wanting the job to be entertaining. The trollface says: "SATISFACTORY". The guy didn't get satisfied with the creature, the creature got satisfied killing him.



So, now we're introduced with the previous character, HE IS ALIVE! But how did he survive? Was he a robot? Did he land on a pillow factory? We don't know, but he's still there, alive, and this time he is standing with another regular guy. He starts to look at him, and shouts: "YOU ARE UGLY". Bad luck for the man in the suit, that this regular guy, is actually a magical guy. The magical guy teleports, he goes missing for 3 seconds, and the man says: "WTF" again, but this time we know he is saying "WHAT THE FUCK", because these letters are in red, meaning he's nervous, he doesn't know what just happened, and it makes him feel like something dangerous is going to happen. After this period of time, the magical guy appears again, above the man in the suit. The guy performs an attack to the man with glasses, but this time, it's more powerful than than the attack the trollface did. The magical dude is preparing a laser that could totally desintegrate him. And then, he attacks him, and the screen goes white.

The magical guy appears again, but his face is changed due to the explosion, he's wearing sunglasses, and he says: "DEAL WITH IT". This clip teach us to not judge somebody by his look, because he might be a powrful creature, that could kill you in seconds. Be careful with what you touch.

Now guys, I gotta go, these secrets will maybe be deleted by the government as they know even more about these clips, but don't want to share how complex and mysterious they are.



Posted by DaskerKS - September 25th, 2018

This year, I promised to update my own character. Well, here it is!



  • Replaced the blue jacket by a red, better looking jacket. Belt variant for bolt action rifles' clips.
  • Added Jsoull's Jailbreak Collaboration model.
  • Added extra stuff I created or is worth a use.



  • Since this is a first version of the new sprite pack, it is very possible that the files have errors or missing sprites, so don't forget to tell me in the comments if you have any issues! I want everyone to enjoy this pack, so it would be very helpful if you reported any mistakes!


Last thing guys, I want you to know that I really appreciate the support I've recently received. My motivation might be growing again since those days i felt really bad, thanks to all madness day animations, and just the good ambience that there were in the discords servers.

I'd like to thank some people before I end the post:

  • @Swffr for making me the thanos dasker role (whether it's funny or not) on her discord server, and being a good friend.
  • @kRyy for being such an inspiration lately in animation, with his recent release, wank 2.
  • @SentryTurbo for the 4th time, THANKS FOR THAT KAR98K SPRITE, I FREAKING LOVE IT.
  • @Jackson-Siegel for being such a nice guy, and btw, I hope you get better for the fire at your house, friend.
  • and other people such as Kelzad, Cymbourine, Madproduction... and others! ♥♥♥



Posted by DaskerKS - September 22nd, 2018

it's madness day! have fun watching the fresh new collaborations and movies!

I've contributed a bit. A collab might be coming soon later, hope you enjoy it too!