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madness peeps series

2018-02-03 11:48:27 by DaskerKS

enjoy these wonderful videos by sentry turbo. (I'm in all of them B) )





happy late birthday lol

2018-01-20 20:39:50 by DaskerKS

20 years later, after anti-amethy aka @Cymbourine got out of her mother's vagina...


using flash after months

2017-12-17 15:13:43 by DaskerKS

I've done a test after months without using flash. Didn't miss using it, really... 


Today it's my birthday

2017-11-15 10:19:36 by DaskerKS


Hell yeah!








So much thanks to these people here, and other friends!

I'm not dead

2017-11-08 13:41:52 by DaskerKS

I'm not dead.

I'm just working on something else than madness.


Happy Madness Day!

2017-09-22 10:48:58 by DaskerKS

Hope you guys have fun watching the participants' animations!

I'm almost done with madness for this year. Don't think I will not make a movie for next year's madness day, my idea, at the moment, is still being just an idea, I'll start to execute it when 2018 arrives. I think I won't dissapoint you.

5827757_150609163073_md2017nibba.pngsneak peak

Madness Day is coming soon!

2017-09-19 15:58:15 by DaskerKS

Good luck for every guy there that has a project for it!


I just made this post because I've been totally incommunicated for the past weeks, so, how's school going?

it's true.

Why I deleted my contacts of newgrounds, and how to contact me now.

2017-08-04 10:51:17 by DaskerKS

After experiencing some recent events with some cunts in the madness community and others, I decided a long ago to delete my contacts in Newgrounds (Skype, Discord, and Steam).

If you want to contact me in any of these apps you should pm me via Newgrounds asking for me to give you my usernames (I'm more active on Discord than Skype; Steam is a bit apart for having a conv).

I won't trust any unknown people that I've never talked to, or people that just simply doesn't have any activity in his account. Reason? These conditions are extremely suspicious for me, and I don't trust people that easily.

If I see that I can trust you, I'll give you my usernames for you to adding me. After this, if I see any clue that you're a troll or something worse than that...


...I will instantly block you in newgrounds and the apps I mentioned before.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice summer.

i'm not leaving (or i'm leaving but I'm coming back soon)

2017-07-14 08:06:56 by DaskerKS

I'm not animating anymore this year, maybe I leave some collabs, or I don't know... All I know for sure is that I'm not making a Christmas project. But! I had something better to do, I've recently had a great idea for next year's Madness Day, and I'm planning to start it at the beginning of the year.

This is the only preview I can show.


EDIT: Now I just need a name for the project... Hmmm...