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bad news

2016-04-22 18:45:53 by DaskerKS

my laptop had suddenly "broke" with some battery stuff and I am worried about the madness test that I was doing, because i didn't save the last changes of the animation. I will see it tomorrow.


2016-04-22 13:54:17 by DaskerKS

My new test is in progress...


Cool test.

2016-04-16 19:07:03 by DaskerKS

4th test today huh?

Test: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/7783b83e032629a31e43e9c929426f82


I hope you like it. 

(Thanks to JohnyPixel http://johnypixel.newgrounds.com/ for the character sprites)

Another test...

2016-04-16 14:22:40 by DaskerKS


Just a screenshot

2016-04-16 13:59:02 by DaskerKS

Yesterday I promised one screenshot from my new test... There it is...5827757_146082951821_Screenshot1.jpg:3333

2 old madness tests

2016-04-16 10:44:51 by DaskerKS

Shooting Test: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/63be2c7990c3f479e052499b12afa06f

2 kill test xD: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/b97cdd35cce917894276dd5d6339095e


I hope you like it :).

Good Morning... good morning...

2016-04-16 06:40:54 by DaskerKS

Sample text...

Screenshot Tomorrow

2016-04-15 17:10:29 by DaskerKS

I'm starting a test with JohnyPixel's http://johnypixel.newgrounds.com/ new sprites pack. Tomorrow I'll share a screenshot. :)

1st Fan!!!

2016-04-15 15:08:10 by DaskerKS

Thanks JohnyPixelhttp://johnypixel.newgrounds.com/ xDDDDDD.

My new newgrounds account

2016-04-12 15:15:18 by DaskerKS

Hello everyone! I've the honor to present my new newgrounds account. This account is only for animations and madness tests. I hope you like it! xD