Entry #104

UPDATE (Pls read the whole thing)

2017-04-05 11:06:39 by DaskerKS

Ok, so I've recently entered some collabs, like Vaetek's, Jsoull's, Dyera's, Vassline's, and a secret one, there are 6 in total (Counting Kenamy's coop collab, now hosted by Jsoull too), and I only have some progress in Madness Betrayal Collab from Jsoull.

My animation skill has changed now, I don't know if I'm better than before... but I totally changed my speed at animating, being slower and slower, at least I think the results still looking good.

Taking care of this two "problems" I said, I made the hard decision of cancelling my madness day movie. The projects I'm in right now will take some time (some of them are in really slow process) and I can't do my movie with it, and also the movie wasn't looking good anyways...

My plan is to make a good movie for Christmas after Madness Day projects are done... That's it.

Also, watch this great video Jackson-Siegel made with Il Grande Racket's footage: 


He's making another one like this soon, so you better subscribe to him.

EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4r_Z_tonXw

And for the last thing, my apologies to Dankon, for not doing a birthday gift or something else. Happy birthday my little waifu.


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2017-04-05 11:12:28

Maybe just leave one of the collabs
The one that you care less about
And even if you're starting to animate slower, ur improving rly fast.Im scared that u'll outstrip me,cuz that cant happen.Im animating much only to be still upon yuo >:( At least I have some motication >:3

DaskerKS responds:

I don't really want to leave a collab, and the movie wasn't looking good anyways.


2017-04-05 11:21:55

Dude, you go in too much collab you must stop. Do your solos movies projects and don't worry about the skill.

DaskerKS responds:

After the collabs I'll try to make more solos.


2017-04-05 11:31:50

I wouldnt say its bad news tho,its just involvement animator problems.Im in even more collabs whan you think (Im slowing down with em too) And if movie didnt looked too good,and you dont wanna post it or something,just correct some things that yuo dont like and put parts in one of the collabs.

DaskerKS responds:

I'm now trying to execute good ideas and tests for the collabs I said


2017-04-05 13:35:17

If you've lost interest in one of those collabs, leave.
I think that you have improved , we always change, i have an style that is slow , like the delamortes' one, no one can stay with one thing , it is like , when you wake up , you can feel diferent "emotions/sensations" like anger and happiness , shame that you cancelled your Madness day movie, at least you will make a movie for Christmas, also , there's no problem with that you did not made me a birthday gift, my friends are gifts ( that sounds super gay xd ).

DaskerKS responds:



2017-04-05 15:03:18

That's why I don't join coop as often as before, it's take too much time. I prefer doing solo movie now.


2017-04-10 09:30:55

well why don't you just remain in one collab

they're all the same

like every one of them

madness dudes walking into the room and KILLING everyone

madness rulez!!!!!!!!