Entry #106

congrats most of polish and czech community

2017-04-23 14:21:12 by DaskerKS

I'm not doing victim, but you won guys, you won. I was doing to do a long post giving more information about how Sapky and his community of little babies was fucking with me and my friends, but you know what? I'm tired of this kid doing victim and then making skype groups just made to insult me.

If the people that supported wants me to submit the news post I'll do it kindly, but however, these kids won, am I right?




Yea yea, spam me as you want bastards.

PD: It's ironic to see how Djjaner's supporters in Realm 4 situation say that Kelzad is a manipulator, when the hashtag for supporting him is #djjanerforever... what a shame ;)


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2017-04-23 14:52:34

Fuck :(


2017-04-23 15:41:15

Idiots are a idiots... it's doesn't depend, which country (in this case, i should say "which community") These idiots are.

But i need admit that Polish Community. In most percent there are a idiots, and it's make me sad, becouse i'm a Pole and i need to watch how these idiots with their sensless behavior bring a shame to polish community.

About that kids won... Well... Let's will be honest, when you give any reaction, any attention to these idiots, they will behave worst and worst. The better way it's cut off from them.


2017-04-23 15:48:26

They send you some weird porn images.

DaskerKS responds:

of course they did


2017-04-24 08:17:15


DaskerKS responds:

*chicken toy noise*


2017-04-26 16:41:13

Sapky you fucking pussy!!!!!!!You cant run now!!!!You BITCH!!!!!!You thought you could fuck Dasker up!!But guess what...you cant. Sapky you motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!You called Poles and Spains dumb!!!!Now you will suffer,cuz you're a faggot!!!!!!!Fuck Sapky!!!!!!Faggot Sapky what are you gonna do now NOW you RETARD!!!!!