Entry #115

maybe the end

2017-07-08 15:02:33 by DaskerKS

i don't like it anymore, even if I try, I don't like it. Everytime I run flash for animating, I put the character, and when I move the sprite, I give up. And it's not just lazyness, I see people like kRyy producing at least a test everyday, and that just makes me feel like shit. I'm not productive anymore. I feel tired without doing half of the work, and I'm sure I'll be disappointing my fans for not uploading a bit of content. Even if I do some work, the animations are bad, I worsened my animation style, and I don't know if I want to keep animating, this is just torturing me.


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2017-07-08 15:15:37

Try fbf :3


2017-07-08 15:17:48

I've got exactly the same feeling when i want to animate a character, i just don't know how to explain it. But you did. When i get that feeling i just lose a lot of interest then after that i give up. And you are right. It is lazyness.


2017-07-08 15:28:17

yeah me too..


2017-07-08 15:30:09


DaskerKS responds:

thanks dude, you are always lovely


2017-07-08 15:34:26

It's sad,boy
Try yourself in stickmans

DaskerKS responds:

it's not madness, it's animating in general.


2017-07-08 15:34:47

awww <3


2017-07-08 15:39:37

That's fucking weak dude. Don't let weakness win


2017-07-08 15:45:03



2017-07-08 16:23:06

It's sad that a good animator like you does not want to continue, but do not give up <3


2017-07-08 16:25:58

como a todos supongo, yo tengo semanas que no me apetece o no estoy inspirado y no tengo ganas de animar, de abrir el programa y uff incluso se anima peor asi, pero bueno, y en cuanto a productividad no te agobies, se tu mismo y tomate tu tiempo, si te es de consuelo tardo semanas en hacer clips(clips largos) cuando hay gente que te lo hacen en escasos días. es una pena que ya no animes de verdad, ojalá te vengan las ganas de nuevo pronto ;).


2017-07-08 16:34:57

Yes. I know this feeling. Extremely lousy feeling.


2017-07-08 18:29:46

Take a break, i felt that multiple time


2017-07-08 18:43:03

I feel you man


2017-07-08 23:01:47

C'mon man don't feel that way, when I saw your animations when you were a begginer it looked really bland, boring, and not a whole lot of pizazz, but as you progressed you've gotten smoother and better at it and your recent WIP test you've posted in the GPS server proves just how great you've become at animating (The test is just AMAZING! I don't think your style has worsened one bit).

Don't give up just yet. You've came this far and it would make us all really sad if you left just when you have all this skill at animating. I wouldn't get disappointed at you if you didn't post anything this MD as long as you're still animating and having a good time in this community.This isn't a very big community, but whatever we make we're making a huge contribution to it. If you ever lose motivation just look at the old madness animations from like 2008-2014 and think to yourself that you can make a change and bring creativity back in this community.

Since animating is torturing you at the moment just take a break and you'll be all better when you comeback. I hope that your end in animation doesn't come too soon. ;<


2017-07-09 04:12:36

die. xd


2017-07-09 12:40:58

Siento lo mismo, es abrir flash, pongo a cualquier mono, me llegan ideas con las cuales espero tener un resultado increíble pero acaban siendo una kk, me dan ganas de hacer algo como dibujar, lo hago y despues... No hago nada, se queda en blanco, no se que hacer y voy a lo que todos hacen, jugar cualquier cosa que tengas en el pc.
Es que dedicarte mucho tiempo a realizar solo una cosa, repetir el proceso, darle al f6, ya aburre, hay gente que dice que con el tiempo se pasa, entonces ¿como habrían grandes animadores? al momento de hacer una animación, inspirate, escucha música, pausa tu animación y ponte a jugar algo no lo se, pero a mi si me funciona.


2017-07-09 20:25:52